Sunday, March 18, 2007

boys don't cry

what a powerful movie. hilary swank acts amazingly good. and chloe sevigny is a favourite, as always.

wow.. what a movie. I cant believe it was a true story.. I had no idea it would be a true story, so that hit me with quite an impact at the end.

this story was also powerful in the sense that it hits close to home for me in real life. a girl born a few years after me, (the mother a friend of my mum) used to be my namesister. he is no longer my namesister, and he has (coincidentially) changed his name to my favourite name of all times. the name I want my baby son to have some day. it is a beautiful and strange coincidence.

it is hard to not say something here that will not spoil or reveal the story, because there are so many things I want to say about the end. but I guess I shouldnt.

but I both can and will say that hilary swank truly did deserve that oscar. such great acting. such amazingly great acting..

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