Sunday, March 18, 2007

the man who cried

one might think that I am obsessed with boys or men crying. since that also was somewhat the theme for my last viewed movie. I watched both these two movies on the same day, and it was highly coincidential. I had watched boys dont cry, then my friend baixiang called me and asked if I wanted to go see the man who cried in cinemateket. I did not know it was on.

the movie starts off in russia where a tiny jewish girl has to part with her father. the father went to america. then the little girl has to leave the village, because war is coming, and she ends up on a boat to england where she is raised by an english couple. she grows up and becomes christina ricci. she loves to sing, and she goes to paris to entertain. here she meets russian lola. lola is acted by cate blanchet.lola falls in love with a famous italian operasinger, and christina riccis character (suzie) falls in love with johnny depp (cesar). then the germans are coming, lolas boyfriend, the italian operasinger tells the germans that christina ricci is a jew, and she now has to escape.

the things i liked about the movie:
-the wonderful russian accent and the wonderful acting of cate blanchet. she spoke perfectly russian-english. her research for the part was very well done, very well done indeed, and great played out.
-johnny depps counting in what was in, I guess czech. so beautiful. I love how great johnny depp is with languages. I am truly very intrigued by that. (in my opinion, being good with languages is not normally the case when it comes to american actors.. I could be wrong)
-johnny depps character, I loved.
-the beginning of the movie, with the little girl and her father was beautiful.
-the horseriding made by depp. maybe it was a double or a stand-in, but seeing him riding through the streets of paris doing horsetricks on his white horse, was truly a treat for the eye.
-there was some nice singing in the movie. particularly by the father in the beginning of the movie.
-i also liked the dancing scenes.

the things I didnt like about the movie:
-the love between Christina Riccis character and Johnny Depp. I so didnt believe it. they hardly said a word to eachother. they were both supposed to be silent and calm characters, but they hardly said anything (!),they had sex, and then they were in love? the idea was perhaps that they had so much in common, that they didnt need to speak.. but heck, it was so strange.
-when christina ricci was singing, someone else sang for her, her miming wasnt too good. neither the voice they had chosen for her.
-the end. not to believable either.

this movie made baixiang long for a white horse.

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Jeremy said...

What a wonderful movie. A want a white horse for my birthday! ARGH