Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sex and Fury

The movie starts out with a little girl watching her father getting killed, and then the rest of the movie is about her sought for and longing for revenge. She wants to kill the three people that were responsible for her fathers death. Three people that have the tattoos of a deer, a boar and a butterfly.

Both boas and I have a distinct liking for the japanese. Anything japanese really, and we have a tendency to watch any japanese movie that comes our way.

But this movie was a little different from our typical japanese watch though. This one stands out in perticular due to its dramatically exaggerated sexscenes, and its way too much blood and goryness. The acting was also at times way over the top (in such a bad way that it was great). The Cream-of-the-Crap-Prize went to the Swedish actress Christina Something who was terrible both at speaking japanese and english (we both used to think swedish-english was very cute before we heard Christinas go at it). Christina had the role of a spy who was in love with a japanese boy. Her talents as an actress came to its right in her sexscenes, and I told boas I suspected her to be an adultfilm actress. After the movie was over I checked her IMDB profile and right I was, there were wonderfully titled movies in her resumé such as The Milkmaid, Swedish Schoolgirls (or something up that alley), to my amusement I also clicked her; Read more, and discovered that she has now left adult film-making and went into editing a Swedish magazine about planes, Flygrevyn. It is so wonderfully, wonderfully wrong. Read more about it here:

The movie started out great, and the vengeance theme, is as always, a great one (Sympathy for Lady Vengeance as one of my favourite ones), the scene where the maincharacter fought around a dozen men, naked in slow motion in the snow were one of the best moments (might probably have been one of Quentin Tarantinos favourite scenes from this movie aswell before he made Kill Bill).

It was basically a movie about sex and fury. A gory japanese sexploitation movie about fury and vengeance. And I guess, a good one at such. At least, higly amusing because of Christina. She was (to use a phrase boas most recently tought me) "the comic relief".

I liked some parts of this movie better than others. But all in all, I liked it.

Alot more Sex than Fury. This is a soft-porn movie, complete with bad make-up, over the top lighting, ridiculous soundtrack and strange costumes. No expense spared. The romance between Christina and the japanese samurai will have to be a contender for least inspiring on-screen love affair. Got a lot of laughs out of me and must be considered an achievement in being such a bastardization of well known themes in asian and western cinema.

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